Fast local last-mile deliveries in Sofia

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Urban Delivery

What We Offer

Same day delivery

Same day delivery

We preserve the pleasure of shopping with delivering the product on the same day and at a convenient hour for the client.

Courier service tailored for the city

Courier service tailored for the city

Courier service adapted and optimized for the city environment.

Optimized price and delivery time

Optimized price and delivery time

Competitive price and short time of delivery with the help of the latest achievements in computer science.

Modern web and mobile app for full control

Modern web and mobile app for full control

Easy and intuitive control of your shipments in one place. Without hard and expensive integrations taking months for implementation.

Live tracking by sender and recipient

Live tracking by sender and recipient

Live tracking, control, SMS, E-Mail or in-app notifications available to sender and recipient. Courier rating option.

We specialize in e-commerce

We specialize in e-commerce

E-commerce requires specific instruments and services. Berry City Courier is developed to satisfy these needs.

Berry in Numbers

2 hours 50 minutes

Average time for delivery

From the online store to the door


On-time deliveries

We come when we've promised


Returned Packages

The smoothest and most precise delivery in Sofia


Increase in deliveries

Increase in deliveries with Berry for a chosen merchant for the first quarter of 2021


Customer Retention

Customers who have tried Berry tend to stay with Berry based on information from our merchants


Lost or Damaged Packages

The package travels straight from the sender to the recipient. With no unnecessary transfers.

Our clients

Shipping Calculator

Package Size

Fits in a big envelope
Fits in a shoebox
Fits in a big backpack
Fits in big suitcase
Package Path

Price: 0.00 BGN

Let's negotiate a custom static price depending on your daily delivery volume

Modern solution to request and manage your on-demand deliveries.

Intuitive web and mobile app

Developed following the latest tech standards and including:
Request a courier for one or multiple packages at once
Automatic distribution of packages to couriers by size and destination
Optimization of the total shipping price.
Optimization of pick-up and drop-off times.
Time windows for pick-up and drop-off.
Same day delivery or at a given time and day.
Notifications via SMS or by our app.
Live package tracking by sender and receiver.
Full control over the active deliveries.
Accept pay upon delivery with a mobile POS terminal.

Fleet of efficient couriers

The couriers are the face that your clients see. berry is designed to alleviate and enable not only business but also the couriers themselves. By offering them decent working conditions, we believe that they will be motivated to offer a level of service rare in the courier industry.
Fast and efficient courier fleet
Office to office delivery under an hour

Same day delivery in the city of Sofia with a competitive price

Possible with our AI aided delivery distribution system. Thanks to it, our customers can take advantage of one of the most affordable express delivery services offered by a courier in Sofia, and soon in other cities.
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